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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 8, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EST

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five." thank you for watching. get back here tomorrow. we might dress up again. have a good night. >> eric: i spelled allen greyson's name wrong. >> kimberly: we told you. >> tonight, the 2012 race for the white house has been called in obama's favor. because he was unable to solve america's problems over the past four years, the president just inherited one big mess. it's a mess that he must now take ownership of because in part, he created it. the blame game stops right here, right now. it's going to take a lot of time to sort through the data to understand why last night happened. let's begin by make a few simple observations. and they are important. the first one is that americans, you get the government you want and deserve. it pains me to say this, but america right now deserves barack obama.
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four years ago, the public could be excused for voting for obama because he was a blank canvas on which people could draw whichever pictures they wanted. not this time. barack obama had a record that we could judge him by and a majority of american, just barely over 50% looked at that record and decided they wanted more of the same. i couldn't figure out why they arrived at that judgment, in a thousand years. but we are a self-governing country and the voice and the will of the people were heard and felt last night. america wanted barack obama for four more years. and now we have him. by the way, good luck with that. now, obama armed with hundreds of millions of dollars, systematically portrayed mitt romney as a tax cheat, a felon, a liar, a mortal threat to women. it was wall-to-wall ugly from the very beginning to the end. in the end, obama may have delivered a more crippling blow against romney than we could ever imagine. last august, politico reported a
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story saying that the white house's goal was to kill mitt romney. looks like they did a good job of that. one tragedy of this election is that obama's dirty tactics have been vindicated. we are going to see this kind of tactics, replicated for many years to come, thanks to barack obama. politics is now dirtier than it was and tell get worse with others trying to perfect this politics of personal destruction. now, obviously, we all wish the election had come out the other way. at least i do on this program. and the prospect of four more years of bam bottom as president is not one that sits well with me. but we can't give up the fight for the causes we believe in and the country that we so love. i support -- i suppose it's fine to feel sorry for yourself and the country. last night was a terrific body blow. we all know it. but we need to recover, dust ourselves off, get off the canvas and begin our work again. because we really don't have a choice.
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we are not sunshine patriots. the test of character is how we are going to handle ourselves in the hard times. these are hard times. so we need to redouble our efforts and do more, not less. and if anything, you know what? history would say that we are unworthy of the gifts we have been given, if we do anything less. the first thing that needs to be said. we cannot abandon our principle, which i say are timeless. the only reason we are in politics is because we care about a set of principles. we have core convictions. a victory requires us to give principles up, there is no reason to be involved in politics. now, fortunately, we are nowhere near that point. our principles still have resonance. if people don't believe it, look back to the 2010 mid-term elections, that was an historic repudiation of barack obama. sooner ratherrer than later, i think the country will call out to conserveatism for help. that's it. one other thing that we need to
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come to terms with as a result of last night. what appears to have happened is that the liberal welfare state in this country has no now grown. more and more americans have become dependent on that welfare state. as they have, they have found themselves siding with the party of government. now to be clear, the situation isn't necessarily a permanent condition. if you go back to the 1970s, margaret thatcher became prime minister of england, which had become the sick man of europe. the british people had lost their sense of self-reliance, and thatcher, by the force of a perm and her ideas and ideals, she was able to reverse the direction of things. the same thing is true of ronald reagan. now, sometimes the public sense of self reliance and committee is not static. just because we are in the valley one day does not mean we cannot ascend to the mountain next. let not your heart be trouble. but realism is also important.
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as a conservative, we have to realize that our task is very different and in some aspects more difficult than we ever thought. we have to make the case, a compelling case in human terms, in moral terms why this dependency is bad for the country. it is bad for the individuals. we have to present a vivid picture to people of why human happiness is increased and not decreased by limited government. joining me to weigh in on what happened last night, the author of the new york times best seller, mugged. ann coulter is here. how are you? >> fine, thank you. and you. >> sean: fine. what do you think? >> i was wrong. i said romney was going to win, but the states i chose for him, he won or we were still counting until 3:00 in the morning. so i was close. but i mean, all the election-- the laws of elections were violated. a tie goes to the republican, a tie goes to the challenger, a tie goes to the white guy.
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one rule was elections that i had forgotten and i shouldn't have, that it's very hard to take out an incumbent. that was, as many, many people remember why i abondonned romny and ran off with chris christie in the middle of obama's term because i thought-- we remember that. >> he's likeable and obama is likeable. he's an incumbent. we are going to need some star power street fighter, like chris christie. i think absolutely that mitt romney was the right candidate, the strongest candidate. but it remains true that it's very hard to take out an incumbent. the last time that happened was ronald reagan-- that's a very good, valid point. i totally agree with you. i also think that we cannot not address what i was just talking about. america in some ways is changing and it's changing in this way, is, you know, the allure of free. it's the allure of oh, no
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pressure. it's the allure of government taking care of you. look, it's worked throughout history. it's worked in europe. now the results are also predictable. >> they run out of other people's money. but that seems to me that that has set now in america. and maybe a majority. >> no, you are right. the two... problems with that are, 50 of all, teddy kennedy's 1965 immigration act was specifically designed to change the demographics of this nation. i think mitt romney would have won last night if he had the same demographics ronald reagan had. since 1965, 85% of our legal immigrants have been from the third world, the democrats lure them in and get them on government assistance. they are more likely to be on government assistance than native-born americans. once you start down that road, it's harder to take treats away from people than to them never get on the treats to begin with.
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you look at demographics. i don't think it's a super bowl, another law of elections is, the power out of power tends to really come back big. we have to work for 2014-- slow down, ann coulter. hang on a second. one thing we have to take out of this that i think -- and the liberal media -- we have a whole segment on them coming up tonight. but this president, if i am david axelrod -- he just won an election, stephanie cutter, jay carney, president obama, if i am them, i am embarrassed. i will tell you why, they knew no boundaries when it came to lying and demonizing, slandering, smearing, besmirching, attacking and a nice guy. whether you agree with him or not, and that tells me he has set the bar so low that people are going to try to out-do him. this is only going to get worse.
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you killed somebody! that to me, if i am those guys, i am embarrassed about how they had to win. it is not ugly, it's dirty, ugly and mean. >> that's one thing that is going in our favor. the media has not covered itself with joy and honor throughout, throughout obama's term. i think the alternative media is getting bigger. it's something we have to think about for the future, not only with our big comeback in 2014-- you don't give up, do you? >> it's a ray of hope. but in 2016, i mean, i do think the primaries went on too long. romney could not start campaigning until june. obama was running ads against romney in ojai no february. and those ads worked. they ran down heavily in ohio, what people thought of romney, they think he's rich, elitist, out of touch-- it worked! >> we have to be more specific, a member of the house of representatives and i love many
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of them -- they are never going to become president. they have to stop running for president. i love herman cain more than i can say. i love 9-9-9. we are looking for governors -- maybe a senator, but we really should narrow down the primary field and get that thing over a little faster. >> sean: there is a tendency, too, to begin the circle and everyone's firing at each other and blame -- that's not going to win an election, either. >> i agree. i would distinguish between helpful criticism so we don't make the same mistake and fighting the last war. i think it's preposterous to nit-pick mitt romney as if he was bob dole. he was a magnificent candidate-- romney ran a classy campaign. he became stronger throughout his trajectory was up. and i will say that, you know, paul ryan is a serious, smart
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guy -- you know what it was like -- >> romney picked him. >> sean: one parent says you can play video games and eat junk food and stay up all night and you don't have to do your homework. that's -- and the parent that said are, do your homework, eat your broccoli and behave yourself is not as loved. america wants the one to be permissive. >> except the first parent, you go to a homeless shelter. sorriy, honey, we ran ow of mony? remember when president obama said this. >> after my election, i will be more flexible. >> sean: what did he mean by that? who helped the president win a second term isn't liberal media were the biggest supporters. we will look at the journalist who is helped the president with the worst track record in american politics. we will ask bob woodward about it and muc [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer,
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>> after my election, i have more flexibility. >> sean: that was president obama, caught with an open mike, back in march, telling the outgoing russian president that he will, quote, have more flexibility after the 2012 election. that day has come. like it or not, we will find out what the anointed one meant. with us, the always outspoken
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ann coulter. we will find out a lot -- what do you think when you look at america at this moment? you know, legalizing -- you see this guy, by the way, legalizing pot in colorado? watch this. >> it means i am going to smoke a lot of weed tonight! >> sean: whew. gay marriage -- >> when i look around america, what i think is, there are not enough young people smoking pot. what we need to get this country, the economy bubbling is more kids smoking pot. really great idea. that's fantastic. >> sean: is america shifting? we have always said it's a center-right country. tonight, i will be honest, i am not so sure. when i saw the exit polls which i didn't believe, i was very skeptical. in the end, the polls ended up being more right than any of us thought. it shows certain issues where i am thinking, if this is true, i felt liberals were answering this. has the country moved to the left? or 51%?
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>> it's going to be tough to get out of this, but, no, i don't think permanently. by the way, in 2004, it was the same thing with an incumbent, kerry got nearly 10 million more votes than gore. you had the whole media on kerry's side and he still couldn't beat bush and republicans were wiped out in the congressional election. i gather america was not thrilled with the republicans in the middle of the last decade. yet, incumbency triumphed. you didn't see democrats turning around and saying, now, i am going to be patriotic and support the wars that helped america. things come and go. but i am worried about the demographics and the way immigration's going. even if amnesty is granted, thereby a lot fewer mexicans in america, since they will all be going home under the obama economy. at this point, what is he going to do? here's a silver lining, we will find out exactly how long obammal blame bush for the economy. we wouldn't have known otherwise. you know, now that--
3:18 am
it's going to be -- 2015. i inherited -- >> he's not running for re-election now. if he is willing to tell business owners in campaign mode, you didn't build that, i think we can get an f.u. out of him in the second term. >> sean: we got a b.s. out of him. >> one other silver lining? we are running out of time. a lot of people, john boehner came out and said, we open the door, he's willing to work on the grand bargain. bob woodward wrote a whole book about this and how far that boehner was willing to go and not telling his top surrogates how far he was willing to go, meaning raising taxes. did i -- i didn't hear one republican house member running on the idea of race raising taxes or a grand bargain. what would the response be from ann coulter? [chuckles] >> i don't think republicans are that stupid, although pat
3:19 am
caddell is always calling us the stupid party. running as democrat-lite is not going to work. i will give-- what if he goes along with simpson-bowles for the good of the country because we are headed to tax-magedon. >> simpson-bowles would be better than anything obama can come up with. we may not like it. >> sean: they always say there will be tax reform. all tax reform is sneaky way of raising taxes. that's what it will be. >> which produces less revenue to the government. no, republicans in congress, look, they have to hold the line, not give the store away. what they should remember is, what we are probably looking at in 2014 because the economy's not getting better. the unemployment rate is not getting better. our enemies are emboldened. the other thing, obama did after the election -- one year in jail for the american film-maker who
3:20 am
made the video, they are blaming libya attack on. >> sean: we are going to continue to follow it tonight. the media, that's one of the -- we are going to talk about it next. by the way, some people thought you and i would go nuts and go chris matthews on everybody. >> i -- i am -- i was in despair. i am sad that america will never have the benefit of mitt romney. but there is always hope in america. but we will keep fighting. >> sean: i couldn't say it any better. next, bob woodward on how the liberal media put all of its resources on re-electing obama. what happened to holding politicians accountable? what does the loss mean for republicans? we will check in with our panel, coming up later tonight on the state of the this bible changed the world. i'm kirk cameron. four hundred years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america. because it contained the principals for economic
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." president obama's first term was filled with countless scandals, but the so-called journalism in the mainstream media chose to ignore them, the botched fast & furious, the disastrous half-billion loan of green companies and the benghazi coverup. so the big question i have is, will the media continue to turn a blind eye to the administration's missteps over the next four years? joining me now is well known to
3:25 am
be an investigative journalist, wrote the best-selling book, bob woodward is here. i have a question, can you name a single time in this campaign, which has been long -- it takes a long time to do these campaigns, where barack obama directly was asked, mr. president, you said you would cut deficit in half in your first term, you gave us $6 trillion in debt. how do you explain that? i have looked, i can't find it. can you remember any time that's happened? >> i cannot directly. but you were talking earlier on the show about realism and this line that somewhat the mainstream or liberal media... did romney in and really was helping obama -- i just don't think comports with the facts. can i give you some examples, if you can stand it? >> sean: i can stand it. but i want to say one thing before you get to your list.
3:26 am
i promise, i won't stop you. if the president said, i would cut the deficit in half in my first term and gives us $6 trillion in debt and said bush was unpatriotic and irresponsible for $4 trillion in 8 years, the fact he can go an entire election and not be asked that question, to me is media -- it is not only biased, it is abusively so and it's frankly dereliction of duty. >> well, first of all, i agree that there should be aggressive questioning and accountability of the president of all candidates. but the most memorable event in the last six weeks, in the campaign was the first debate, october 3, when obama did very poorly. the mainstream media, the liberal media, whatever you want to call him, hammered him for it. in fact, it didn't let up until... maybe a day before election. second point, the fact checkers,
3:27 am
like glen kessler at the washington post, my newspaper -- did a great job and people have analyzed, he was hard on romney, hard on obama, giving him four pinocchios for something that is in my book, where obama said -- on sequestration, which is an awful word, automatic spending cuts, obama said, it's just not true. hey, look, this wasn't my idea. the congress came up with it. i have chapter and verse detailed meetings who is there and it was all a white house idea-- can i give you an example? >> sure. >> sean: and i will concede your point on the washington post, pinocchios, distributed evenly. there was some good work there. i won't -- >> excellent work. >> sean: all right. if you didn't see the first debate as a total, complete knockout, even the president
3:28 am
admitted it, in light of this, we don't know to this day where the president was, what he knew about requests for security before, during, why he wouldn't acknowledge it's a terror attack after, why cbs steve croft held the tape that proved that what he said was a lie. why did our government give guns to gangster, drug deecialtion criminals? we have yet to get an answer to that. >> i am all for getting answers and getting to the bottom of it and digging into it. let me just give you an example. people close to romney, a couple of weeks ago, just showed up at my house and said they had somebody in a very sensitive position in the u.s. government who was willing to meet with me, give me information about benghazi. appointments were broken, the guy didn't show up. he finally showed up -- and they didn't have anything where he
3:29 am
had any firsthand knowledge. he said you ought to talk to this person and that person and so forth-- i bet you would look -- >> people are digging into it. >> sean: let me ask you this: we don't know where the president was on the night of 9/11, when this happened. we don't know what he knew. he denied for two weeks what we know our state department watched in realtime, according to this woman -- [overlapping dialogue] >> inconsistencies and unanswered questions. the washington post editorialized on this and said we really ought to get some answers-- but we didn't. >> we didn't. you know, you can't write if you don't have anything. but when i work on one of these projects or books, it takes months and years-- i know it does. >> to develop the sources and get the documentation. my third example if you will bear with me is the coverage of the economy. every time the unemployment number was bad or the story
3:30 am
about the growth of the economy and how anemic the recovery was, was covered incessantly by the mainstream media. the economy was the number-1 issue because that data was filtered through us. >> sean: i would give you one correction on that. i am not trying to be nitpicky or parse words, if the media did a better job of pointing out the labor participation rate, were that which obama inherited, the real rate is 10.7%. they never gave the context, to my satisfaction. but you make some points. but i think benghazi, fast & furious and not answering. very direct questions about the debt and deficits, i think the media failed the american people. >> okay. here, bottom line, for me and i think you would agree for this, the thing we should worry about
3:31 am
the most is secret government, concentrations of power in the white house and congress and the cia. the federal reserve. where those people who are running those institutions are not held accountable. so we need more aggressive tough stuff. >> sean: the liberal blogs will beat you up for even coming on my program. thank you for being here, bob woodward. >> okay, thank you? >> pat buchanan and juan williams. what does it mean for the republican party? the return of the new black panther party at the polls. we will run through very disturbing examples of voter intimidation. and herman cain will
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>> sean: there is much anticipation about a period of re-evaluation for the g.o.p., with rising stars like florida senator marco rubio, encouraging
3:36 am
the party to recognize the count re's demographic changes. the focus may start shifting over the next four years. here with advice for republicans going forward, a man who knows the party inside and out, former presidential candidate himself, patrick buchanan. and fox political analyst, i believe i owe him and beckel and a burch of people dinner. though i didn't bet -- not at all. i don't want to get in trouble -- >> hey, wait a minute! >> sean: i bet -- i pay my bets off. congratulations. patrick -- >> i can tell you, you are a gracious man. [chuckles] >> sean: listen, i am glad to you. patrick j. buchanan. you have talked for years and have been excoriate audio excoriated -- beaten up about america's changing demographics. pat buchanan, is this what you were trying talk about in your books, one after another that
3:37 am
have gotten a lot of people fired up about you? >> indeed, it was. i believe i have a chapter in my last book, suicide of a super power, which was not well received at ms-nbc, it's call the the white party. i used it simply because that was a howard dean expression thrown out. but what i said is john mccain, 90% of his votes were christian and 90% were white. and white folks in this country who are voting, 90% of all the votes are down close to 70% and have you to get larger and charge larger share of them in order to win. one point, if mitt romney won almost as large a share of the white vote as ronald reagan did. if the country had the same demography at 1980 and 84, romney would be president. >> sean: what do you think of that analysis? >> i mean, that's like wishful happening, it is not reality. the suggestion, i think this is what got pat in trouble is that somehow, it's only a real
3:38 am
america if it's overwhelmingly white in terms of the electorate or the population. again, that's just, you know, looking back to the 1950s. the reality is that in yesterday's election, you look at the latino population, as a share of the vote twent from 9% in 2008, now up to 10 percent. 70% for obam a. black population, 90% for obam a. asian population, plus 50 for obama. this is really, i think of a changing, more diverse america -- [overlapping dialogue] >> that's exactly right. let me say, juan is exactly right. that's exactly what i wrote about in the book. have you a rising share of the population almost 40% now, which votes 60% to 95% democratic. that group is growing and the white folks and the republican base and coalition, which is older, white, male, christian, that is shrinking. sean, when the country
3:39 am
demographically looks like california, it will look like california politically, whether republican party is moribund and on the verm of death. >> sean: people forget, nixon, reagan, nobody continues california a state to compete in anymore. >> nixon carries it 6 times and ronald reagan carried it in four straight landslides-- seems like an eternal -- ternity ago, if you are being honest here. hop, vione question for you about the democrats. i said this at the opening of the show tonight, if i am -- i understand, you should -- i owe you a dinner. i will gladly pay off, spending time with you, you are a friend, even though we disagree. we will invite pat buchanan to go with us. >> it will be a delight. >> sean: in all honesty, if i am barack obama and this is what it took for him to win -- president hope, change, civility. and he took the low road.
3:40 am
his campaign took the low road. they said this was mean. it was nasty. it was personal. it was small. it was beneath the dignity of the office. everything from, you know, he took the politics of demonization. there were no boundaries. somebody like yourself, you have to look at that and say, that's not the guy that i was emotional about in 2008. >> you know, i had such a different reaction. i want to share it with you. when i hear people talk -- and mitt romney said, this is a guy with foreign ideasor to hear our pal john sununu say he has to learn how to be an american -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: i don't want to hear about -- >> that's the kind-- what do you think about -- >> wait, wait. i want to make this point to you, sean. that's the kind of racially-charged language that then comes to people who say, you know, our base is this older, white population that pat was talking about. in fact, it looks like you are voting in line with democrats -- [overlapping dialogue]
3:41 am
-- >> oh, my gosh, you know, the immigration deal, down in arizona made us feel unwelcome in this country -- you? >> are talking about the republicans. are you not at all cognizant of the fact, aware of the fact that the president really took the low road to win this base? if i had to win that way, i would be kind of embarrassed. i am honest. >> you are a tough guy. you fight hard and you make your point very aggressively. i remember we were watching that first debate and you said obama lost big. i didn't see it. and you said, he got crushed because he didn't come with fight. so when he fights to win, you say he's a dirty fighter. >> sean: accusing somebody murder is not a fight -- >> that's over the line. that's wrong. >> sean: pat, juan, both of you, the battle continues. good to see you both. i owe you all a dinner. i know. wait until beckel gets here. >> i can't wait. >> sean: coming up, actress
3:42 am
alissa joan heart said she was supporting romney/ryan and her twitter account erupted with vitriole. and then, 53 members of the house want details from the president about the benghazi coverup. the scandal is not going away. it is just getting started. we will get to the bottom of it with liz cheney. i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. and by the time i get up in the morning, i feel great! if you have back pain, toss and turn at night or wake up tired with no energy, the sleep number bed could be your solution. the sleep number bed's secret is it's air chambers which provide ideal support and put you in control of the firmness. and the bed is perfect for couples because each side adjusts independently to their unique sleep number. here's what clinical research has found: ® 93% of participants experienced back-pain relief.
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>> sean: we have new tdisturbing examples of voter intimidation. like four years ago, we saw new members of the black panther party showing up. we caught one in northern virginia. now in 2008, me and another black panther member were charged with voter intimidation. but the charges were eventually dropped by the eric holder justice department. but this year, he was in fact, a designated poll watcher. pretty unbelievable. joining me with the reaction, former candidate, herman cain.
3:47 am
sir, i didn't see at the time. they thought they were going to be cler and make him a poll watcher? you know, after he didn't get prosecuted. very clever, on the left. >> you know, it does say a lot. what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts are, this whole thing about civility the democrats have demonstrated they can find new lows to be in-civil about the language. this is nothing more than another way to get around the voter intimidation charge. and to basically cause white voters to think twice about going to vote. and pick this actress you talked about earlier. i mean, that is shear hostile, hostility. if this is where the democrats are going, and they want to try and be hostile toward people because they disagree with them, this country is in a sad shape. we already have enough problems.
3:48 am
but insufficientlyity and hostility in politic it's. >> sean: this is what i was bringing up with juan. >> you should be able to have a different view with someone without them being hostile toward you. >> sean: well, you know, that was my case about -- if i am the president -- i mean this sincerely, he won his victory. >> right. >> sean: but if i am the president, i just think his campaign was -- everybody associated with it -- you know, david axelrod -- we won. they can be all proud. i wouldn't be proud of running a campaign like that. would you? >> they won, sean. i boil it down to this. obviously, i was disappointed. the people that voted for obama -- they voted for popularity. obama ran a popularity campaign. romney ran a substance campaign. the people that voted for obama, they looked past the unemployment rate, they looked past the 22 million people who are unemployed. they looked past the economy
3:49 am
past the fact that this administration has overlooked the law and on and on and on. because they were enamored with the popularity of this president and the popularity campaign -- that's the difference. >> sean: the media failed. this is where bob woodward and i were disagreeing. alissa joan hart. she said i can't get too political, i eviscerated, the single most vicious things -- couldn't begin to repeat half of this. >> right. >> sean: that's what you were talking about earlier. look, it is a 51-49 country right now, it's pretty divided. where does it go from here? >> this country is more divided now than it was four years ago. i have other friends that live
3:50 am
in hollywood and they have shared with me their own personal experiences about if you are a conservative, or express a conservative view, you have to basically remain, quote, underground. or you will be viserated like this actress was, simply because you want to express a conservative view. this nation is more divided than it's ever been. why? with the campaign, as you pointed out, president obama and his surrogates, they pushed class warfare to the limits. they pushed race warfare to the limit. and as a result, it created a hostility that some people they are able to make. >> sean: herman cain, you are a great american. >> thanks sean. >> sean: i am not the only one, i want to get to the benghazi coverup. we are going to look into it with liz cheney. what does the president know, when did he know it? 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation
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>> sean: president obama may have secured himself four more years, butted with the benghazi assault still haunting the anointed one and a hearing next week, it will be a rocky path. we are learning 53 house members are demanding to know if the pre-9/11 benghazi bombings were included in the president's daily briefings.
3:55 am
joining me now, liz cheney. welcome back. good to see you. >> good to see you? >> good coverage last night. i was watching you and listening closely to your analysis. >> i thought your open to the show, by the way is exactly right. recognize that the stakes are higher than they have ever been. and we have to brush ourselves off and get back in the fight here. >> sean: yeah. you know, i am not one -- i don't believe in the self-pity thing. i was happy two years ago. i am a little bummed today. but i will be honest, the problems are massive. i think that the country has bought into the entitlement mind-set. people have been conditioned to think the government's the answer. 49 million americans on food stamps and half the population does not pay federal income taxes. some people think that's better for them. i would argue that leads to less prosperity, less opportunity and i don't think that brings the best out of people. we have to communicate that. >> exactly. we have to make sure that we will have a lot of voices in the
3:56 am
party saying, the party needs to move to the middle. the party needs to move to the left. that's the wrong thing. we need to stand up and fight for the values that make the country great with limited government and low taxes and strong national defense. individual freedom and self sufficiency. that's the task in front of all of us. >> sean: really well said. it's amazing the things that were not asked the president in the course of this election. where was he on the night of 9/11? he went from 9/11, all the way through the election, you know, two months later and he got away with not telling the american people where he was. what he knew about security requests before. what he knew on the night when it was happening and why two weebs later, he couldn't say it was a terrorist attack. that's pretty significant to me. >> right. it's very significant. and most part because we have four dead americans. you know, this isn't just a policy debate. it is not just a difference of opinion. we have an ambassador and three other americans who were killed. and the american people have yet
3:57 am
to have any answer -- any questions answered by this president. you know, when you look at where we are now, after the election last night, republican control of the house is hugely important. what that will mean is that not only can we stand up and fight for what is right, not only can we have, you know, an ability to stop mistakes, but we will be able to continue investigations and pursue investigations aggressively into things like this benghazi coverup. >> sean: you know, i think it's that -- how do you think -- imagine if you think it was your dad or president bush in office. you can imagine, four dead americans? he gets two-month pass by the media, without having to directly respond. only one local reporter that asked tough questions. the president dodged it, which should have raised a lot of eyebrows. he promised to cut the deficit in half in your first term. >> well, yeah -- $6 trillion in debt. he didn't get asked that question directly either. >> just think back, sean, to the controversy over the so-called
3:58 am
16 words in president bush's state of the union. those 16 words, which turned out to be true -- that a foreign government was reporting that saddam was seeking uranium in africa. those 16 words were true. but for years, the press corps pushed and pushed and pushed, day in and day out, how did they get the speech -- you saw lives upended. you had an investigation that went on and on and on that cost millions of dollars for the taxpayers, there was a real miscarriage of justice because the press was pushing on 16 words. compare that to what has happened here, the ambassador's been killed, the consulate was overrun -- unprecedented that that happened. where the president failed to respond to requests for security before and during and lied to the american people after. it's -- there is simply no comparison between the level of responsibility we have seen from the press corps here, which has
3:59 am
been-- where do you think this goes? do you think the press gives up? do they start asking the tough questions to sort of persuade the american people that they're not -- you know, abusively biased? >> right. i think he will have to answer the questions. you have -- they have said, we have a review board looking into this. the review board was scheduled not to report back until we got past the election. but tell report back. and the congress will demand answers. the american people will demand answers. you guys, you know, will continue to push this issue. so he will have to answer the questions. we have a lot more, i. sure that we will learn about what is going on and the failed leadership of this administration. >> sean: all right. liz cheney, thanks for your observations and patience. thanks for with us. appreciate it. >> thank you? >> that's all of our time. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled -- and i mean that -- i ve


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